3 Tips To Staying Healthy On Vacation

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Max and I live very healthy lives: we’re always checking out new lifestyle diets like Keto, paleo and the like and we’re constantly doing fitness programs that we follow closely. But, traveling is hard! Endless flights, long drives and living out of a suitcase can really mess with your routine. It can be stressful to keep up your routine when you’re on the road. While we’re certainly not perfect, we do try our hardest to stick to our routines and take care of ourselves when we travel. Read on to find out our favorite tips to staying fit on your next holiday.

1. Being active is a great way to fight jetlag

The hardest thing about traveling can be the jetlag! Especially if you arrive in your location after a long night on a cramped plane. The biggest piece of advice I have is to go do something active immediately after arriving! Whether it’s lacing up your sneakers and taking a long walk in the new city to see the sights, or hitting the gym at the hotel, you’ll feel instantly revitalized. The gym is an easy go-to as well because often, hotel check in times aren’t until 3pm or later, so asking to use the amenities at the property is a great way to get in early and enjoy the hotel for the extra day. Start it off with a quick workout and finish it up with a nice, hot shower. Physical activity also makes me feel like I can sweat out the germs that were floating around on the long plane ride.

2. Sleep is your friend

Sleep is one of the most important and tricky things about traveling. Whether it’s jetlag or simply being in a new place, it can be hard to relax and go to bed at a reasonable time. I have a great routine while traveling that I try to stick to as much as possible. Whenever I land in a new timezone, I set my watch immediately and launch myself into that time. I also make sure I stay awake the entire day. That evening, I’ll wash my face, take a warm shower and have a glass of Natural Vitality CALM to relax at the end of the day. Natural Vitality is a magnesium supplement that helps to balance your body and relax your muscles. I find it’s a great way to dip into a natural sleep, even when I’m a bit jet lagged or stressed.

3.Breakfast a day keeps the doctor away

Breakfast is by far Max and I’s most important meal of the day. We always start our day with a great and filling breakfast, complete with fresh green juice. Staying healthy while traveling means we have to nourish our bodies with the antioxidants and fuel it needs to stay healthy and ready for adventure. We often skip lunch because we love doing activities all day so a big breakfast is important to us. Whenever possible, I ask for a juice that contains things like spinach, ginger or lemon to help keep my body fighting off exhaustion and sickness that often comes with travel.

There are so many different tips and tricks out there that can help you stay healthy while traveling, and for me, it often comes down to routine: whether it’s a pre-bed ritual or morning detox juice! What are your favorite tips? 


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