Two Amazing Hikes in Sedona

Author: Laura and Chris

The City of Sedona in central Arizona is a popular destination for those in search of a spiritual retreat. The vortexes and cosmic forces that are said to radiate throughout the stunning landscape draw millions of visitors each year. While the various relaxing experiences available in Sedona are certainly a good reason to visit, the surrounding sea of red sandstone formations make Sedona a perfect destination for those looking for a more active vacation experience. There are countless hiking trails throughout the region, but the two that should be on anyone’s short-list are Cathedral Rock and Devils Bridge.

Cathedral Rock

The Cathedral Rock Trail is short (1.4 miles out and back) but the views are so spectacular that you almost feel guilty that you didn’t need to work harder to earn them. The short hike up the red sandstone landscape to the towering stone spires provides breathtaking views from start to finish. You’ll know you’ve reached the end of the trail when you see the iconic “End of Trail” sign. There is no shortage of photo opportunities once you reach the top.

Devils Bridge

The view of Devils Bridge is one of the most photographed vistas in the Sedona region. Even for those that aren’t afraid of heights, walking out to the narrow center of the stone arch will really get your heart pounding. Much like the hike to Cathedral Rock, the Devils Bridge Trail is short (1.9 miles out and back) and can easily be completed in a couple hours.

Both of these amazing hikes are located just a short drive from the center of town and can be completed in a morning or afternoon. If you’re feeling ambitious, it is not unreasonable to do both hikes in the same day. If you’re looking to hit the trails on your visit to Sedona, you can’t go wrong with these two beautiful hikes.

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