More Than Just A Pretty Face

Apart from our fun designs, there’s a whole lot more our products offer. All of our shorts are made with EUBILITE™, a textile blend of dense fibres that are still light & durable to do exactly what you want our products to do. We want only the best – for you.


Our fibre blend is made super dense to prevent the penetration of UV rays. There is also additional coating on our pants to provide more protection, the only time where double protection is acceptable. ;)


We love a strong fade game, but not on our shorts. We don't play around when it comes to the quality of our products, so we made sure they’re able to withstand all future washes to remain as vibrant as your smile, :)



We won't bore you with the technicalities. Our shorts are all made of EUBILITE™, which means our shorts dry 3 times quicker than your usual board-shorts – faster than you can say "Arnold Schwarzenegger".



Our EUBILITE™  fabric comprises dense fibres that provide protection against the UV rays, but remain thin enough to make you feel almost naked – almost.


That’s exactly what we want. We want you to feel like you're in your own skin, minus the handcuffs. Or do we? ;)