It all starts at our headquarters
All Eubi products are designed in house at our headquarters in Melbourne. Our entire team is significantly involved in this process from the initial stages of designing such as brainstorming on a mood board, sketches, prototyping, all the way until the finished product.
We want to challenge the existing market
After conducting numerous research and development projects, we have fine tuned our product fit to cater for the masses. We have chosen to proceed with our current signature materials EUBILite and EUBIFlex with a fit of 5.5” in seam.
We use only the good stuff
We only source and use the highest grade materials out there. Eubi does not compromise quality for cost. We are determined to deliver the best to you by custom making everything all the way down to the eyelets we use.
Premium materials
All of our shorts are made with EUBILite and EUBIFlex. This is made from a custom blend of material that we have spent many sleepless nights perfecting. This material is made sustainably to ensure that they are durable and will be able to withstand many wears.
Off it goes
After a lengthy process, we finally watch the product come to life when the patterns are printed, cut and sewn together. Thereafter, the shorts are individually inspected and packaged just for you!